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Support for Transformative Workshops

Hoffman Support and Integration

The Hoffman Process is a powerful 7 day personal development process that transforms negative patterns to help you discover who you really are

From time to time the Hoffman Institute recommends that students embark on therapeutic support before they begin the process.  One-to-one support exploring difficult life events can help to integrate traumatic experiences that might be overwhelming on the retreat.

After the Hoffman Process, there can be a range of emotions that students experience. From initial euphoria, to confusion about how to bring their learnings into everyday life.  It can also bring up issues that need more attention. I enjoy helping students to integrate and anchor their experience.  

Hoffman Foundations in Parenting Workshop

Supervising Hoffman facilitator Eliza Meredith and I run a days workshop twice a year to support you in navigating the challenges of parenthood.  We cover developmental stages, neuroscience, tools for challenging behaviour and a community of parents to enjoy the day with.

What people say…

‘Some great ideas shared and exchanged – so helpful to be in a group of such different people but with similar issues. Inspiring and enlightening!’

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